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Typically, we do not even consider the negative x values because the x-axis typically represents time.In short, the half life tells us the scale of the graph. I've seen this variously attributed to Plato and Lao Tzu.Sent by Fred Mees on December 29, 2002 Hey, I'm 62 and still horney as hell. Sent by Eddie on January 12, 2003 For years I have been telling all my friends in L. this rule and they all claimed I was nuts or they never heard of it! Sent by Mark on February 6, 2003 I tearing up that's so effing beautiful.As you can see from Graph 2, the larger the coefficient the greater the 'starting amount'.Conversely, the smaller coefficients lead to smaller/lower 'starting amounts'.In no other country is school practice so quickly responsive to the suggestions emanating from this group.We may stigmatize our schools as "static, " "reactionary," "slow to change,"-- reluctant to adopt what we, in our wisdom, prescribe.

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Sent by ampliphibian on December 6, 2002 I couldn't agree more - but I'd be satisfied with just getting laid more than once in a blue moon.In this first chart, we have a radioactive substance with a half life of 5 years.As you can see, the substance initially has 100% of its atoms, but after its first half life (5 years) only 50% of the radioactive atoms are left. Literally, half of the substance is gone every five years (the half life of this particular substance).I'm 30 and there's no way I would get in bed with a 46 year-old creepy thing. Sent by mabel on March 6, 2003 Hey Mabel, 46 ain't that far ahead of thirty. Sent by blacthorn on March 28, 2003 Great, what a fucking genius. :) Sent by Sam on April 11, 2003 Hey Mabel, get real. A 30 year old gal IS equivalent to a 46 year old guy.

have to admire about gerrymandering: It’s got some wicked slang.Determining the Age of a Live Tree Determining the Age of a Dead Tree Community Q&A How old is the giant tree in your backyard?