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29-Jan-2018 03:33

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I am up to date on IT mirror, but bug is here as of CET.

compiz title bar not updating-83

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Then, add the key-binding to the corresponding run_command X key pair.I'm using latest on Windows 7 - when I switch tabs the title bar doesn't seem to update to the new filename.It only refreshes if I tab away from the app and then back. I tried installing the custom title bar package but it has the same problem.Be aware that unloading a plugin might disable others.

while moving a window, it will snap to the border of the workspace or to other windows.You will want to make sure compositing is disabled for your default window manager before running compiz. The "experimental" Nouveau 2D/3D driver is considered "under development" and is not offered on Ubuntu until it becomes more stable..

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