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There were always going to be problems, none insurmountable, with a Mike-for-Prez campaign: he is divorced, single, Jewish and entirely fickle on matters of party affiliation.

(In 2007 he gave up his Republican membership too.) But had the Democrats not thrown up two such captivating candidates in the primaries, Barack and Hillary, 2008 might just have been his time.

I have to keep in mind that the person I am dating is not meant to satisfy every single one of my needs. Instead of worrying about whether he calls, I really practice turning the tables and asking myself, Do I like this person?

Does this work for to look at life a certain way, to create in a certain way, to be of service in a certain way, to care in a certain way."DO push back when someone tries to make you feel small."At the NAACP Image Awards [where Ross won for outstanding actress in a comedy], some guy who'd won made a comment [in his speech] about his girlfriend's ass and what she should wear so that people could see her ass. I don't shy away from my sensuality as a woman—I was in a very sexy dress that night—but it doesn't define me.

Ross is, without argument, one of the most iconic and definitive stars of 20th century popular music.

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At first glance, this judgment seems premature, preceding, as it did, the rise of Madonna and all the gender assertive show-women she inspired.As he campaigns to be re-elected on Tuesday for a third four-year term as mayor of New York, it's worth recalling why anyone ever took him seriously for the top job in the land.You will be pushed to find a campaigner with less charisma or street appeal (although his Democrat opponent for mayor, city comptroller Bill Thompson, might just qualify).But Ross had something more: presence, desire, sex appeal, she was someone you could not take your eyes off.

And once she grabbed our attention with those fantastic Motown hits, she held it, for decade after decade, shining like someone who truly believed the spotlight belonged to her.Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released.

Different continents have different ways and traditions, and although people hailing from the western world share a common culture and social norms, each individual country has certain traits and characteristics that differ slightly from that of the others. Below, I have listed a few points that might help the reader get a better understanding of how the average Norwegian view themselves and why they act and behave the way they do.… continue reading »

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