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27-Nov-2017 12:57

Well, the fruits of your thoughts actually count more, but the point is — you don’t have to spend money to let someone know that you care about them.

When it comes to gift giving, effort and thoughtfulness are generally more appreciated than money. Taking the time to plan a memorable date will win someone over before maxing out your credit card will. The library actually makes an excellent date spot, if you do it right.

Money is known to have been the cause of cheating in almost 50 percent of Kenyan relationships.

Invite your crush over for lunch after getting these things first Ladies are always confused when swept by that fly guy who is everything except financially stable.

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Many women like to focus on irrelevancies when it comes to going into a relationship.

is really sad that Yomi will pay me evil for good after all I did for him.

I loved Yomi with my whole life and I was faithful to him all through our four years of courtship.

What do you do if you are a guy and you are going through a rough time financially yet still want to date? Since traditionally men are the ones that pay for dates you are out of luck …

In all honesty many women won’t want to date you, but some won’t care. It really depends where they are in their life and what they are looking for. The important thing is to not pretend to be someone you’re not and end up doing the dishes at a restaurant because your credit card was declined! What is NOT OK are lazy guys who don’t want to work and use women financially. If you are the broke one you need to be honest about your financial status before you go any further. Be open and honest and you never know, you might just find the girl you’ve been waiting for your whole life who you know wants you for you!!