Darect on line statar

17-Jan-2018 05:29

This method for starting motors is traditionally used in devices such as compressors, fans, water pumps, and conveyor belts.

A direct on line starter can be used in conjunction with a second DOL circuit, providing the motor with the ability to run in both forward and backward directions.

As the name suggests, direct-on-line starting means that the motor is started by connecting it directly to the supply at rated voltage.

Direct-on-line starting, (DOL), is suitable for stable supplies and mechanically stiff and well-dimensioned shaft systems – and pumps qualify as examples of such systems.

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Go back to Methods ↑ Small motors which do not start and stop frequently need only very simple starting equipment, often in the form of a hand-operated motor protection circuit breaker.

This is so broad, however, that it may not make a direct and vivid impression.